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Garden services

One-time and regular care of a garden or park, haircut and full care for the lawns, planting and care of trees and shrubs, landscape design and implementation of greening.

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Gardening service

Garden is a living organism growing and changing each season. Professionally done landscaping is only the first step towards a garden creation. It is also necessary to ensure garden regular and proper care of the garden on a professional level.

Gardens and parks require careful and competent care.

We offer to our clients the care of their gardens on the high professional level. All necessary works carried out by our qualified and skilled gardeners.

Flowerbeds and lawns need the regular cutting, weeding and fertilizing. Bushes, shrubs and trees require pruning and side-dress. Unkempt and shapeless decorative and fruit trees lose their decorativeness and yield. This work should be carried out regularly, but most people, however, have neither the time and desire nor knowledge or experiences to do it.

Caring for modern decorative garden requires a lot of time and expertise. The specialists of the Hortenzie Company have considerable experience in providing comprehensive services for gardens and parks.


To make a lawn is a very delicate matter requiring skill and expertise. An amateur, who doesn’t see any difference between natural meadow grasses and mixture of grasses growing on the lawn, can ask: “Why must the lawn be regularly cut?” He asks in that way, because he doesn’t realize the competitive relationship among plants, the struggle within the plant community for better light and nutrients leading to extinction of some kinds of plants in the lawn and the appearance of the bare places in it.

Professional gardeners of our company help you to keep the top quality of grass and to solve special problems connected with grassing over.

Care of the lawn starts at the beginning of the spring. One of the main activities of the gardener in early spring is to fix an even melting of snow and smashing blocs of ice to avoid freezing.

In the spring, gardeners do the first fertilization with the portion of the complex fertilizer (nitrophosphatepotassium, nitroammonphosphatepotassium) and rake it with a lawn rake to remove the withered steams. Furthermore the additional sowing of the grass seeds and mulching with peat or sand are carried out. In early May it is necessary to make pricking of the soil with pitchfork or the special equipment for optimizing of the air intake to the root system. Frequency of mowing the lawn depends on the type of lawn (low grass lawns should be cut four times a month, the ordinary ones three times a month). After mowing the lawn it is necessary to clear away the beveled residue.

Under the climatic conditions in Prague the regular watering is required (5litres per sq. m.). Irrigation water should infiltrate the soil to the depth at least 10cm to ensure the optimal development of root system. Over the summer the nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, urea) should be applied three times. If necessary, weeds are removed with herbicides.. The better effect can be obtained using the mixture of the herbicides (Afalon, Bofix, Agrofit Kombi, Lontrel). Persistent weeds (dandelion, quitch, sow-thistle etc.) are removed by hand. At the end of September after last mowing the lawn, the last side-dress with phosphate-potash fertilizer and the abundant watering are done.