The garden is a living organism, growing and changing in every season.
Professionally done gardening work is only the first step to creating a garden.

It is necessary to ensure regular and proper garden care at a professional level.

Garden and park care

Gardens and parks require adequate care.

We offer our clients services in the field of garden care. All necessary work is performed by qualified gardeners of our company.
Flowerbeds and lawns need constant pruning, weeding and fertilization. Shrubs and trees require top dressing and pruning. Unmaintained decorative and fruit trees lose their decorativeness and fruitfulness. This work should be done regularly, but most people do not have the time or knowledge or do not feel like doing it.

Caring for a modern decorative garden requires a lot of time and expertise. HORTENZIE and its specialists have extensive experience in providing comprehensive services for gardens and parks.


Starting a lawn is a delicate matter that requires skill and expertise.
„Why mow the lawn?“ Asks the layman, not distinguishing between the lawn and ordinary meadow grass. He does not understand that there is a competitive relationship in the plant community and that there is a struggle for light and nutrients in this community, and that this leads to the extinction of some plants in the lawn and the formation of bald patches.

Our gardeners will help you solve a number of professional problems in maintaining the good condition of your grass.

Lawn care begins in the spring and, first and foremost, ensures that the snow melts evenly and ice frosts break up to prevent suffocation and rotting of the lawn.
In the spring, gardeners make the first fertilization with complex mineral fertilizers by fan rakes and dig out withered autumn stems. Spring sowing with grass seeds and backfilling (with peat or compost substrate) must be carried out. At the beginning of May, the root system is aerated with a scarifier. The lawn is cut depending on the type (low lawns 4 times a month, ordinary lawns 2-3 times a month). The obligatory step is to clean the cut grass.

In Prague conditions, regular watering is required (5 l / m2). For optimal development of the root system, the water must penetrate to a depth of at least 10 cm. During the summer, the lawn is fertilized three times with nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, urea, or complex fertilizers. If necessary, weeds are removed with herbicides. The best results are obtained by spraying with selective herbicides (Afalon, Bofix, Agrofit Kombi, Lontrel). Persistent weeds (dandelion, wheatgrass, thistle) are removed by hand. At the end of September the lawn is mowed for the last time, fertilized with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and watered for the last time.

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